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List of Top Snack Credit uses at Disney World

We love the Disney Dining Plan at my house.  For those of you that don’t know much about me, I graduated college with a degree in Statistics (yes, I am a nerd).  I completely nerd out over anything number related….No joke!  So, the Disney Dining Plan is like a fun game to me.  I try to find some of the best uses for various credits to ensure that I have maximized it.  I wanted to share some of my favorites and tips to help you too.

General tips:

  • Try to use your snack credits for items $5 and over.  However, do not obsess about it.  If you really want a bottle of water, don’t stop yourself from getting it because it is only $3.  Is it the best use of a snack credit from a numbers point, probably not, but is it the best use from a happiness point, absolutely!
  • Do not hoard your snack credits.  For a family of 4, you will have 8 snack credits per night stay.  This is a lot for the average young family.  Let the kids get a Mickey bar every other day or a pretzel.  The Disney Dining Plan is great at allowing you to feel like you are splurging all the time.
  • If you go during a festival time at Epcot (Flower and Garden, Food & Wine or the Festival of the Arts), almost all of the small plates at the food carts are a snack.  You can easily make a meal out of your snack credits and try some amazing food.

Now to the food pics (everyone’s favorite part)…

1.  Mickey Cinnamon Roll (Main Street Bakery, Magic Kingdom)
I usually advise people to try to not use a Table Service or Quick Service credit on breakfast, unless it is a character meal or something special (i.e. Be Our Guest).  There are great snack credit choices for breakfast, especially the cinnamon rolls, like this one.

Mickey Cinnamon Roll

2.  Food & Wine/Flower & Garden/Festival of the Arts (food stands at World Showcase, Epcot)
There are so many great choices at these festivals.  Some of them may be under the $5 general rule, but they are unique and fun to try.  The festivals are definitely one of my favorite uses of snack credits.  Mainly because I would not spend money trying so much, but when it is a snack credit I try a lot of new things. (Note: The frose’ is not a snack credit, but delicious!)

3. Dole Whips and really anything Dole related like this pineapple upside-down cake (Aloha Isle, Magic Kingdom)
Dole Whip Upside down cake
4. Mickey bar (various locations)
There is just something nostalgic and iconic about having at least one of these on your tripMickey Bar
5. Werther Cupcake or Cookies (Karamell-Küche, Germany, World Showcase, Epcot)
Cookies are my weakness and even though these don’t meet the $5 mark, they are a great use and oh so delicious!  Honestly, anything in this shop is amazing… Definitely try the caramel corn too (the BIG bag is a snack credit and the entire family can share)

6. Chip n Dale Snack Co. & Goofy Candy Co.
These are great for keeping in your bag for if the kids need a snack on the bus and are also great on check-out day if you have left over snack credits.  I like to get the trail mix bags that are 8 oz.

There are so many amazing snacks to eat and try.  When looking for a good snack credit use, always look for the Disney Dining plan symbol (shown below).  Anything with that symbol next to it will qualify as a snack credit use.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.37.14 PM

Let us know what your favorite is in the comments.


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