Park Packing List: Being Prepared for Disney

I am always looking for a good packing list. We have travelled a lot with the kids as babies and toddlers, so here is what I take to the parks:

Packing Disney Park Bag

Above is a photo of what’s in my backpack…. A lot of stuff, but I think it is better to be over prepared than under, especially with young kids.


  • Backpack
    I found mine at Target in the camping section, but anything you have should work. Security at Disney checks every zipper, so try to have as few as possible and organize things in clear bags for easy checking.
  • Diapers
    I put hair ties around my diapers to keep them together and neat
  • Wipes
    Whether your kid is in diapers or not, wipes are always a good item to have. I buy the “travel” wipe container sold in the travel section at Target and refill it each morning. I also keep a hair tie around it to make sure it stays closed
  • Sippy cup/Children’s cup (not pictured)
    I usually have the take n toss ones so that I am not too worried if I have to toss it
  • Nalgene bottle/ water bottle and juice (not pictured)
    Hydration is a huge issue with any outdoor activity. I always have at least 1 bottle of water and at least 1 bottle of juice everyday before I leave for the parks. Having liquids on hand can avoid a lot of frustration from your kids when they get thirsty from the heat and there is not a water fountain in sight. (Just be sure the lids are closed tightly to avoid leakage into your backpack)
  • Extra set of clothes
    These are not only for “accidents”, but also in case clothes get soaked on water rides or other things
  • Dirty clothes bag
    This isn’t one of the biggest “needs”, but it’s nice to have some type of bag to separate dirty clothes from the other items, if needed.
  • Sunglasses and/or hat
    Just for added sun protection
  • Battery powered fans
    I use these flexi clip on fans by O2 Cool. I love them and they are great for any trip. I have only been able to find them on-line in 8-packs, but they make great baby shower gifts too. I get more compliments on these fans!
  • Extra batteries (for fans)
    On hot days, we will sometimes go through a couple batteries
  • Power Pack
    With the new My Disney Experience App, your phone is used a lot more than usual. Take a power pack with you and phone cord, so that you don’t have the dreaded dead cell phone during your park days.
  • Activity and/or toys to entertain kids at meals or in lines
    I love these Grab N Go color books. They can easily be found at Party City, Target or Wal-Mart. They come with 4 crayons, stickers, and a small coloring book for $1 or less. They have many options, I’m sure you can find a character your child will love. I always have these in my car and diaper bag too.
  • Poncho
    This is a must for everyone. I picked up emergency ponchos at Target (in the camping section). I want to say they were less than $2/poncho. They are nothing special, but I was so glad I had it when the 10% chance of rain turned into a monsoon (I even folded it back into its little bag when I was done with it). These are also great for water rides. Disney sells ponchos, but I know the Disney ones are more than triple what I paid for mine (probably even 6x).  The dollar store also carries ponchos, but I think the Target ones don’t rip as easy and compact better
  • First aid bag
    (details below)
  • Snacks and such
    I packed raisins, goldfish, animal crackers, squeeze apple sauce, jammy sammys and Uncrustables every day. My son was very happy to always have food quickly available when he got hungry. I also would keep the snacks in Take-n-Toss containers to keep them from getting squished.
  • Kid fork and/or other utensils
    My child likes to have his own utensils and doesn’t do as well with the adult sized ones.
  • Disposable bibs
    Maybe not for everyone, but my youngest ate the best in the stroller, while we were on the way to the next ride or character. To avoid a complete mess, we would put one of these bibs on him and then give him his Uncrustable PB&J sandwich.
  • Purell
    Kids touch everything and you can’t wash their hands all the time. I use a lot of Purell and buy the travel bottle that hooks onto my backpack

Here is my first aid kit… I found almost all of it at Target (most in the travel section, but also check camping)



  • Bag to keep everything in
    I used a bag I found in the garage. I think it is meant for golf stuff, but it is clear and has a clip on it.
  • Sunscreen for body and face
  • Band-aids
  • Neosporin To-go
  • Tide Pen
  • Chapstick
  • Purell
    You can never have too much Purell

For your convience, here is a printable list: Download. I hope this helps some of you as you plan trips to Disney, Six Flags or any other fun places.

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