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What’s included in a Disney Cruise Line fare?

If you have never been on a Disney Cruise, the first thing you are bound to notice is the price.  Yes, Disney Cruise Line is a more expensive cruise line.  For first time cruisers, it is difficult to understand why they are more expensive and the nondescript answer: “Because it is Disney” is often given.  I know it is probably the most frustrating answer to someone who really wants to understand what they are getting when they pay the cruise fare.  Yes, “because it is Disney” is true, but it is so much more than just those four words.  Unlike other cruise lines, Disney Cruise Line fares include almost all of your onboard experiences.  These are just some of my favorites:

1. Disney’s Oceaneer Club (for ages 3-12)

Oceaneers Club 1This is a huge amenity to my family.  Not only is Disney’s Oceaneer Club included in your fare, but kids LOVE it.  The importance of them loving it: YOU get a break.  Imagine you and your spouse lounging at the 18 and older pool, having an adult beverage, reading a book (that doesn’t have pictures for once) and not having to think about what the kids are doing because they are having a BLAST. Oceaneers Club 2 Disney’s Oceaneer Club on Disney Cruise Line is a well-oiled machine.  Your kids will wear a band similar to a magic band.  They have to be signed in and out by one of the adults listed on the account that has the secret password.  When/if they want to leave, they just notify the counselors and you are sent a text via your cabin phone and/or cell phone.  It is seamless.  Best part: Included!  If your kids spend 1 hour or 100 hours in the Oceaneer Club, it is no additional fee.

2. Broadway-style shows

Tangled Musical 1Each of the ships offers a different show. Currently the Dream offers Beauty and the Beast, the Fantasy offers Aladdin, the Wonder offers Frozen and the Magic offers Tangled.  Each of these shows in mesmerizing and definitely worth seeing.

3. Onboard Movie Theater

Disney is a large company producing and having rights to many movies.  The onboard theater will likely be playing all the new releases of the year and some favorites of the past.  Even if a movie is still in theaters, it will be offered on the ship in the Buena Vista Theater.  Note: The concessions (i.e. popcorn and candy) sold outside the theater are not included.

4. Soda Fountains

Personally, I LOVE soda.  Yes, I know it is bad for me and I know I should not drink nearly as much of it as I do, but I still love it.  I LOVE the unlimited soda fountains on Disney Cruise Line.  It is available whenever you want to fill your cup or the cups they provide.  Also being from Atlanta, I LOVE that it is Coca-Cola products (sorry, Pepsi lovers).

5. Soft Serve Ice Cream

Eye Scream 1

My kids struggle to walk by the free soft serve without getting a cone and if I am being 100% honest, so do I.  There are multiple flavors (including banana) and they are all delicious.
Pro tip: Bring a couple chocolate chip cookie with you from Flo’s V8 Cafe (also included) and make an ice cream sandwich!

6. Unlimited food

One of the nice things about Disney Cruise Lines is your breakfast, lunch and dinners onboard are all included.  When you go to dinner, if you want to try two entrees, then just let your server know.  You want to try two desserts, just let your server know.  There aren’t any additional charges.  You just order what you want.

7. Themed cruises (on select cruising)

Christmas Magic 1Whether it is a Halloween, Christmas or Marvel Day at Sea, each of these sailings will be have a unique day or night at sea.  The themed meals, character greetings and entertainment are all included in your fare.  These are a fun and exciting way to make each sailing extra special.  The decor alone for the Christmas sailings will make your heart smile.

8. Character Meet & Greets

When sailing on a Disney Cruise Line, it feels like you are sailing with the characters.  One of my favorite memories from our last cruise is of Stitch and my son playing in the Atrium of the Disney Fantasy.  He felt like Stitch was his best friend and the interaction between the two of them was priceless.  With that being said, there is a great balance with the characters.  If seeing characters is not your thing, you do not feel like they are in your face all over the ship.  character cruise 1The characters mainly hang out in the atrium area at various times (indicated on the schedule), so you can easily avoid them if you want.

On top of these onboard experiences, Disney Cruise Line is an amazing vacation option simply “because it is Disney”.  The attention to detail and customer service, the numerous activities and interactions with staff, you will feel like your vacation was magical and worth every penny spent.



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4 thoughts on “What’s included in a Disney Cruise Line fare?”

  1. Thanks for the awesome information! My next vacation I am hoping to do a Disney Cruise! Definitely need to do this!!


    1. They are so much fun! It’s impossible to fully explain all the wonderful things about them, but I try 😁 … My wishlist is 10+ long for all the different sailings. Email me if you need any help or have questions. I’m always happy to help.

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