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Why you should ALWAYS preorder your food at Be Our Guest quick service

If you have heard anything about dining at Disney World, then you have probably heard about the sought after reservations at Be Our Guest.  Whether it is the quick service breakfast/lunch or the table service dinner, Be Our Guest is one of the most difficult reservations to get and the only quick service that requires reservations.  However, just getting the quick service breakfast or lunch reservation doesn’t end your preparations.  It is INCREDIBLY recommended that you also preorder your food.  I know what you are thinking: But how do I know what I want to eat 30 days in advance?.  You probably don’t and you do not have to order it the second the option is available, but DEFINITELY order the day before your reservation.

Why?  Time and stress-free!

Let’s say Group A places their order before their reservation.  They arrive and check in with the cast members before the bridge.  The cast members see on the reservation they have already placed their order and hand them a yellow rose.  Group A is then instructed to go down the LEFT side of the bridge.  Group A waits in maybe a line of 3 groups or less, maybe no wait at all and then go to the register where they are asked if there are any changes or additions to the pre placed order.  They say no or make the necessary changes.  They pay, get a red rose and go find a seat.  This is fast, seamless and stress-free.

But then there is Group B.  Group B did not place their order ahead of time… They check in at the same area before the bridge and the cast members see Group B did not place their order.  The cast members will hand Group B several menus and instruct them to stand on the RIGHT side of the bridge.  Depending on the reservation time, there could be 50+ people in front of Group B on the RIGHT side of the bridge.  Not only is there a line on the bridge, there is also a line in the castle, down the hall and around the corner to the registers.  Group B waits, in some cases 30+ minutes before even placing their order.  They are finally given a red rose and find a seat.  It is highly likely Group A could arrive after Group B and have finished eating and left before Group B even receives their food.

Lesson: ALWAYS place your order ahead of time for your Be Our Guest reservations.  While this can be done on your phone, it is much easier to do on a computer by accessing your My Disney Experience through the Disney website.  Click on “My Reservations and Tickets”.   (Update: With a recent update to My Disney Experience, this is now located under the “My Plans” tab)My Reservation and TicketsOn the right side of your Be Our Guest reservation will be a line that says “Place Your Order”.  BOG Place OrderOnce you click on this, you can place the order for your entire party.

Note: If you are using the dining plan and have multiple rooms, all the credits will be applied to one room/reservation.  For example, you are traveling with a party of 8.  Two different families and both on the dining plan.  The Be Our Guest reservation was made for 8 people.  The advanced ordering will be applied to the one family’s credits for all 8 people.  It can not be split.  This applies to credit cards too.  Advanced ordering can not be split.  Remedy is to make separate reservations for each party… 2 reservations of 4 people (total 8 people, but under 2 reservations).  If you didn’t do this ahead of time and have a reservation for 8 people, you can still do advanced ordering, but will just have to figure out on your own how to “pay back” the other family.

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