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Dos and Don’ts of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) has surprisingly been around since 1983.  Party dates begin in early November and continue until right before Christmas.  There is nothing to get you more in the Christmas spirit, than Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  It truly brings my heart (and stomach) joy.  Over the years, we have come up with a great list of Dos and Don’ts. 


DO : Wear something Christmas-y

There are not as many people embracing the Christmas dressing up as do for Halloween, but it makes it so much more fun to embrace the party.  I would guess around 50% fully embrace wearing something of Christmas nature.  My sister and I went with a tacky sweater.  I will say, these sweaters (purchased at Target) were my FAVORITE.  The sequins on them switched the words from “nice” to “naughty”.  We had a blast with them all night long!

DON’T : Arrive late

The party starts at 7PM.  In past years, you can arrive as early as 4PM and still get in the park with your party ticket.  Take full advantage of this.  You will get more time in the park and therefore more out of your party ticket cost.  Also check before you get there to make sure all attractions you want to ride are open during the party.  If some will not be, ride those during this “extra” time.

DO : Try some of the party only treats

There are certain treats at various locations that can only be purchased and enjoyed during the party.  Some of these are completely different than what is offered during normal park hours and some are variations.  If any of you follow me on instagram or facebook, you know I LOVE food!!  These treats make the party even more fun.  I will add: I do like the Halloween Party treats/specials a little better.  Main reason: I get very full from all the included Christmas cookies, so it is very hard for me to spend money on even more sugar and actually enjoy it.


DON’T : Forget a map

The map to the Christmas party is major important because… FOOD.  Unlike the Halloween party, the different treat areas will offer different treats.  The map will help you know which treats and drinks are offered at which parts of the park.  You can always find a map somewhere online once the first party has started.  This will help you plan before you get to the party.  I like to make sure I try every item offered, so the map is a key to making sure I don’t miss anything.  Last year I LOVED the soft pretzel snowmen.  I am a soft pretzel lover, so these were definitely calling my name all night.

DO : Get in line for special characters early

Like the special party treats, there are some characters that are only available to meet during the Christmas Party.  Research before you go and see if there are any you want to meet.  Some popular ones from past years are Jack Skellington and Sandy Claus, Moana, all seven dwarfs and various characters in Christmas attire.

DON’T :  Be a Grinch

Have fun!  Wear your Mickey/Minnie ears.  Get glow necklaces and glow sticks.  Buy a Mickey Christmas light necklace (or order this fun one from Amazon).  This party is to get you in the spirit.  Embrace that!


DO : Watch the Parade

The Christmas Parade is something extra special.  Again, it is unique mainly to the party with themed floats, dancing and fun characters.  There are even some extra surprises to this parade, so be sure you use all your senses 😉 …. As a note, if you are at Disney during the week of Christmas, you can catch the Christmas parade outside of the party.

Mickey parade

DON’T : Watch the first parade time

If you and your kids can make it the entire night, try to catch the second parade.  It is exactly the same as the first parade, but less crowded.  It will still have a crowd, but not nearly as many people as the first parade.  Personally, I like to catch it in Frontierland because of the the pre-parade show

IMG_2169 2
Pre-parade entertainment.  These guys are so much fun!

DO : Get the special (FREE) Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom card

This is a limited edition card included with your party ticket.  However, you have to go to the Firehouse near the bathrooms and guest services when you first enter the park.  They will mark your wristband and you can get one per wristband.  Even if you don’t play the Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom game, these are a fun and free/included keepsake of your night. (There is also a card offered for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party)IMG_4540

DON’T : Eat a table service meal

This is a waste of your time.  Unless you are only paying for the party ticket to get a hard to get dining reservation (I’m looking at you, Be Our Guest), then don’t ever do a table service meal during the party.  The meal takes so much time and while you may think 8-5 hours is plenty of time, it’s not.  I always leave MVMCP wishing I had more time and considering going back on another party night.

DO : Buy tickets ASAP

This is a limited ticketed event.  That means it WILL and DOES sell out!  If you are planning to go, buy your tickets.  Typically the parties in November are less expensive than December and are all exactly the same.  Find the date and price that works for you. It is well worth the cost!

DON’T : Miss the special magic photo spots

If you have purchased the memory maker, all your photopass photos are included.  Some special magic shots are another special offering only to MVMCP.  I always find these to be fun pictures that I really enjoy having (and of course posting on Instagram)

DO : Enjoy the details… like snow… in Florida!

Disney is a magical place.  Main Street is completely transformed to a Christmas wonderland.

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