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Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt

My husband and I were able to explore Disney Springs on Monday and check out a lot of the Christmas decor and the Christmas Tree Trail, which I loved.  We even partook in Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt.  Yes… We are kids at heart and even adults can hunt (without kids).  I recommend doing this while you are in Disney Springs.  First and foremost, it is FREE.  Whether you are doing it for yourself or with a child, you can not beat free.  I do wish some of the hiding spots would have been a little more of a challenge, but overall no complaints.  If it was a crowded night, it would have been much more challenging.  We were there on a Monday morning, so there were not too many other people.

Stitch Holiday Gift Hunt

You can get a booklet at any of the participating locations and start the hunt right away.  The hunt is available from November 8, 2018 through January 6, 2019.  There are only a few redemption location sites for your prize (marked in the booklet map in red), so you might want to plan your shopping and hunting route accordingly.  There are also a few coupons in the booklet, including a discount at Wolfgang Puck® Express.  You might consider eating there for lunch or dinner and utilizing the coupon.

Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt Stops:

  • Amorette’s Patisserie
  • Basin
  • Christmas Tree Trail (Mickey & Minnie tree)
  • The Ganachery
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Marketplace Co-Op
  • Once Upon a Toy
  • Rainforest Cafe® at Disney Springs Marketplace
  • Sperry
  • Star Wars™ Galactic Outpost
  • Wolfgang Puck® Express at Disney Springs Marketplace

Prize Redemption Locations:

  • Amorette’s Patisserie
  • Christmas Tree Trail (Mickey & Minnie tree)
  • Marketplace Co-Op
  • Once Upon a Toy
  • Star Wars™ Galactic Outpost
  • The Ganachery

You will be looking for these images of Stitch about 8-12 inches tall.  They are almost all placed where you can not touch them.


SPOILER ALERT: If you want hints/answers, I placed a word document at the bottom you can download.

Once you have completed the hunt and placed all of the stickers in the correct locations, you can show your booklet to one of the cashiers at a redemption location and collect your prize.


The prize is a fun button like the one in the above picture.  It is nice quality similar to the “First Visit” and “Celebration” buttons Disney gives to park guests.

Overall review: fun hunt and definitely worth doing.  I would not go to Disney Springs only to do this.  However, there are a lot of other things going on at Disney Springs right now like the Christmas Tree Trail, the holiday decorations and of course, shopping.  So adding this hunt to your trip is worth the overall visit.

Download Hint/Answers HERE

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    1. You’re welcome. We really enjoyed it and it made us go in stores we wouldn’t usually venture. Be sure to check out the coupons in the booklet too. Most are similar to what an AP holder would get anyway, but still it is cool that they added those too.

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