How much does it cost to use a travel agent?
Nothing.  It will cost you the same to book with a travel agency like Vacation Ever After as it will to book directly with Disney, Universal, Sandals, Royal Caribbean etc.  There are no hidden fees and no surprises.  Travel agents do receive a small commission directly from the vendor once the travel is completed and your trip was magical and memorable.  That commission is already built into the cost of your trip regardless of how you book.  Booking direct means you are paying it and not receiving the personalized service you could be. 

Why shouldn’t I book directly with Disney/Universal/Sandals/etc?
They are all absolutely amazing companies.  They have great employees to answer your questions and they do their best to help you with all your needs.  They are also all very large companies in high demand.  They have some great hold time music but it is highly unlikely you would ever speak to the same person on the phone each time you call.  When you book with a travel agent, you work directly with that person (me).  You call, email or text that person (me) your questions.  That travel agent begins to learn more and more about you and can suggest things you would be interested in, send you links to newly announced events happening during your travel time.  Booking with a travel agent is more personable and easier on you.  Let’s say you are talking with a friend about your upcoming Disney vacation and decide you don’t want to stay at Port Orleans – Riverside anymore because your friend just got back from Port Orleans – French Quarter and showed you all her pictures.  If you booked directly through Disney, you would need to call them during business hours, listen to the hold music, talk to a cast member about your room change to get the pricing quotes and then either make the call then or call back later… or… you can just text your travel agent about the change while in mid-conversation with your friend and have all the answers without skipping a beat.

I already booked directly with Disney/Universal/Sandals/etc., but I want you to still help me.  Can you?
Possibly.  Feel free to contact me about your trip to know for sure.  If your trip was booked less than 30 days ago and final payment was not taken, then the answer is likely yes.

Do you get paid regardless of how I book?
No.  Disney/Universal/Sandals/etc. only pay me for trips I book (or that are transferred to me) and I manage.  If you book directly, I am not paid for any part of your trip.  While I am always trying to make sure people have wonderful and magical trips, please understand I put all my efforts and time towards clients that have booked with me, they are always my priority.  Sometimes it is difficult to answer and help those that chose to book differently, since my clients are priority. Remember, it will cost you nothing extra to book with me than it will to book directly, yet you get more personalized help and service with me.