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What Can You Do For Spring Break?

Spring Break is just around the corner and brings a lot of planning questions to my friends and clients. Shameless plug… Contact me today to help you plan your trip. Now more than ever, things are constantly changing and it is extremely helpful to have someone staying on top of everything best I can. The vendors I book your trip with (i.e. Disney, Sandals, Universal, etc) pay me a small commission, so there are no additional fees for you for me to plan your trip vs booking directly through them, but you get my personalized service.

The number one question being asked: Where can I go and not have to get a COVID test?

This had a lot more answers 24 hours ago, but with the new CDC order taking effect January 26, 2021 your options are limited to domestic travel unless everyone traveling has had and recovered from COVID less than 3 months prior to your return from international travel. Of course some states are requiring and have been requiring you to get tested if you leave the state, but for states like Georgia, you can currently travel domestically without needing to be tested.

This brings us back to the answer. There are several great options for your Spring Break 2021 travel.

1. Disney World

Disney World has been on top of their COVID-19 safety procedures and protocols. Since their reopening in July 2020, Disney World has required masks for all guests and Cast Members. They have increased their ride cleaning protocols and clean the high touch areas more frequently. While traditional parades and fireworks have not been reintroduced yet, the magic is still there with sporadic character cavalcades and character sightings. Disney World is also promoting an AMAZING ticket deal right now for guests that stay on property. You can get a 5-day ticket for the price of a 3-day ticket with a 4 night stay or longer. This is a wonderful way to see all 4 parks and have even more time to take in the magic.

2. Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando is known most for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you are a Harry Potter fan in the slightest, this is worth visiting. Universal is also requiring masks of all their guests with increased cleaning procedures as well. Universal guests staying at Premier Resorts will also receive the Unlimited Express Pass as a resort perk. This is a fabulous way to stand in shorter lines and see more attractions. Premier Resort guests also receive priority seating for parties of 5 or less at many of the restaurants including one of my favorites: Cowfish.

3. Club Med — Sandpiper Bay

One of the very few all inclusive options in the United States. Club Med Sandpiper Bay is located on the St. Lucie River between Orlando and Miami and is a great location for an active family. With all-day gourmet dining and open bar, unlimited water and land sports, open bar and snacking and entertainment, this is one of the few all inclusive experiences in the United States.

4. Split Stays — Multiple Destinations

Florida and especially, Orlando have a lot to offer and for most people is a drivable location. If you do not think you want to spend a week at one location, do a split stay. You could stay at a Premier Resort for 2 nights and then move to a Disney resort for 4 nights or longer at one or the other. You could also do a theme park stay for the first 3-4 nights of your trip and then move over to Club Med for the end. There are so many possibilities to create the perfect trip for you and your family.

Best advice I can give — contact me today to start planning your spring break trip. I know we are all itching to go somewhere and do something and I am here to make that happen. I can answer all your questions and find the perfect fit for you and your family and your comfort level. Please feel free to use the contact form below or you can go over here and fill out a vacation questionnaire to get started. I am here and excited to help you.


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Spring Break 2020 Planning: Part 2

If you follow my blog, then you know I posted earlier about March Spring Break and some great options.  A very popular time is April, so as promised — here is Spring Break planning: Part 2! The goal is simple: give you some great options and go ahead and get Spring Break planned and checked off your list.  You have more options and better pricing, when you plan it early and while it may seem far away right now, once the holidays get closer time begins to fly.

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Spring Break 2020 Planning

I know school just started for some and Spring Break seems very far away, but it will be here before you know it.  I know planning Spring Break can seem overwhelming at times and just trying to think of ideas is difficult too.  If you feel this way, then this post is for you. I find September and October are the best months to start planning Spring Break.  You will have more availability for your options, better pricing and also the satisfaction of checking that off your daunting to do list before the holidays are upon us.  The best part is I can help you with all of it and it will cost you the exact same if you did all the hard work yourself.

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What age should I take my child to Disney?

Two is better than one.

This is one of the top questions I get and also one of the top debates people have over Disney.  At some point, everyone asks “What age should I take my child to Disney“.  I’m sure if you have talked about Disney at all, you have asked it too.  Some answers I have heard: “Don’t take them until after 5…You want them to remember it” , “Wait until first grade, so they understand it” or “Take them before they are 3, while they are free“.   I am a firm believer Continue reading “What age should I take my child to Disney?”

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Dos and Don’ts of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) has surprisingly been around since 1983.  Party dates begin in early November and continue until right before Christmas.  There is nothing to get you more in the Christmas spirit, than Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  It truly brings my heart (and stomach) joy.  Over the years, we have come up with a great list of Dos and Don’ts.  Continue reading “Dos and Don’ts of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party”