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I honestly can barely contain my excitement. Ever since Disney made the very first announcement about Toy Story Land, I have been wanting to be there and see it. I felt Disney took FOREVER to finally give us the opening day and I am a planner. I like to book things in advance and know what I am doing. Toy Story Land 1A friend and I were playing the guessing game and had an entire trip planned based on Toy Story Land opening around Memorial Day Weekend (like Pandora did last year). Much to our dismay, when Disney announced the June 30th opening day, we were crushed. I had searched my calendar and tried and tried to make the new day work. I thought it wasn’t going to happen….. But IT DID!! The trip is 100% booked! So let’s go over all the details:

Arrival –

A friend (Amy P.) and I will be arriving on Thursday, June 28. Yes, it will be just the two of us. No, neither of us are taking the kids. Yes, the kids know. Yes, my kids are still talking to me… Don’t know about Amy’s. Amy and I have been friends for years and I assure you it will be fun to watch us journey through the new Toy Story Land.

The Itinerary –

Thursday is the trip down, which will undoubtable be coupled with multiple stops at Chick-fil-A, because that is my/our other obsession and pure silliness.

Friday will be a play day/work day. Amy P. and I will be exploring all of Disney World and taking pictures and notes for all our followers.  We want to cover everyone’s questions and loves around the parks, so be sure to include yours in the comments on this page, facebook or instagram. I want to make sure I have a complete list of anything and everything you want to see.

Saturday… THE BIG DAY

TOY STORY LAND OPENING!! This day is going to be epic!! You will need to be following on every form of social media to feel there in the action. We have managed to gather a group of 10 people and we will all be doing a VIP Tour of Toy Story Land… You read that right… VIP on OPENING DAY. I feel incredibly lucky all this has fallen in to place and I am so excited to be able to share this experience with everyone!

I have never done a VIP Tour and do not know what to expect, but I assure you my expectations are sky high.  I am in full countdown mode for this trip and I want to be able to share every second of it with my followers.  Stay tuned for more details and especially for the BIG DAY!

-Lauren G.

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