Disney Cruise Line

Castaway Cay Cabanas

IMG_6966If you have been to Castaway Cay, you’ve likely noticed the ever coveted cabanas.  These are one of the hottest items of any Disney Cruise Line stop at their private island in The Bahamas.

What makes them so popular?  Mainly the luxury of having an amazing “home base”, but also for larger families, this is a great price for what all is included.

So what do you get with a cabana rental?  Currently you will get the cabana itself, which has covered, cushioned seating, a key locked safe, mini refrigerator, hammock, sand toys, snacks such as granola bars and chips, sodas and bottled water as well as sun screen and cold rags to cool off.  It also includes 1 hour of bike riding, tubes and rafts for floating, snorkeling equipment and access to the private beach area.  Cabana rental includes all of this for up to 6 people, with an additional charge for up to 4 more people (10 people in total).  The current price is $726.88 (includes tax) for up to six guests.  When you consider that snorkeling alone is $34/adult, float rental is $13/float and an hour bike rental is $13/hr, that’s already $300+ in included rentals and activities.  Definitely money well spent for the rental.

How do you get a cabana?  This is the harder part.  They are SUPER SUPER popular.  The cabanas at Castaway Cay are not even listed as an option on the Disney Cruise Line website because of their popularity.  For most sailings, you must be staying on concierge to get one or a very lucky Platinum Castaway Club Member.  This is because concierge guests are able to book port activities at 125 days prior to sailing.  (Platinum Castaway Members are 120 days prior, Gold Castaway Members are 105 days prior, Silver Castaway Members 90 days prior and first time guests 75 days prior).

Would I recommend a cabana?  Absolutely! Would I also recommend taking more pictures when you get there…. definitely… LOL… The last time we were there, I got so excited that I forgot to take a lot of pictures.  If you have any you would like for me to add, please feel free to email them to me at lauren@vacationeverafter.com


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