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Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs

I LOVE Christmas!  It is my favorite time of the year…I know how cliché I sound, but it is true.  I love the decorations and all the creativity going in to decorating.  The Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs did not disappoint.  The trees are all themed for different movies or characters and the details are worth the visit.  The pictures do not do justice to some of these trees.  It felt like a mini-scavenger hunt finding all the little details within each tree.  Admittedly, there are definitely some trees that are WAY better than other trees.  As much of a Star Wars fan as my family has become, I felt the Star Wars tree was lacking in creativity compared to many of the other trees.


The little details in some of the trees like the circus theme throughout the Dumbo tree and the elephant box of peanuts.  It was so much fun finding the little added theming.

Haunted Mansion Tree

I know a lot of people love The Haunted Mansion and there is even a tree for you too.  I found the untraditional leaves on this tree and the frames and candles to go perfectly with the theme.  Definitely worth looking at this one for all the Haunted Mansion fans out there.


This one is the favorite in our house.  Sorcerer Mickey is an unhealthy obsession of my 4 year old.  The fact that an entire tree is themed after him is amazing… ok… it is really after Fantasia, but to my 4 year old, they are one in the same.


With Mary Poppins Returns close to its release date, I was very excited to see the Mary Poppins tree on the trail.  It was just a very happy childhood memory to pick out all the different details of this one.


Another childhood favorite of mine and the fact an entire spinning wheel and spindle on the tree was very cool to me.  All the pink bulbs looked like spindles as well, which just added to the theme.

As much as I would love to post every single tree, I feel like that might get a little boring to most readers.  And honestly as I look through the pictures, they do not do the trees justice.

The trail DETAILS… You can enjoy the Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs from November 8, 2018 through January 6, 2019.  It is located at the far end of the Disney Springs Marketplace area (past Once Upon a Toy).  Each tree is inspired by a Disney character or theme with 27 trees in all.  The trail is open 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, but as always times are subject to change without notice.  The trail is really not too long and an easy walk… also it is FREE, so if you are in Disney Springs, then enjoy a short walk to see them all.  You can also find Santa about halfway down the trail and visit with him too.10758811168_IMG_2002

With my overall review, I would say it is worth a visit.  If you really like Christmas trees, then I would even make the visit to Disney Springs just to see the trail…. as long as it is not a Saturday night or time when Disney Springs is known to be a disaster to try and park.  I love themed trees, so I found it very interesting.  Again, it is a free activity and something fun and easy to do with the kids.  We were there on a Monday morning around 11:30 am, so it was not crowded at all.  The pathway is not overly wide, so might be a little challenging with a lot of people and a double stroller.  It is a one way trail though, so that does help a lot with traffic flow.  If you are looking for more fun and free things to do, also check out Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt.  There is a hidden Stitch in the trail 🙂

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